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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Maimed King - A Class

Use the requirements, XP, and proficiencies of the Moldvay Basic Dwarf. They may advance to level 10, if possible. They can identify the presence and nature of a curse on an individual on a 1/d6.

The Maimed King may not be a literal king but they are someone important, someone with a personal tie to the PCs or with the power to offer them tremendous reward. They have become ruined and ruin flows from them as general misfortune of the company, along with more specific impediments.

  • The Maimed King cannot rise and must be borne. Once mighty, there is little of them left, but a combined strength of 20 from those bearing him is required to maintain normal speed and care. While so borne, reduce all random encounter checks (so if a wandering monster shows on 1-2/d6, they now only appear on 1/d6). He also prevents his company and all their enemies from taking advantage of the optional variable weapon damage rule (meaning all weapons do 1d6).
  • The Maimed King prevents any normal advantages for rolling an unmodified 20 in combat (damage x2 or double damage, or however you handle it), including automatically hitting, for both their company and its adversaries; this does not impede any class abilities keyed to rolling a 20. 
  • The Maimed King prevents recovery of HP by means of restful healing or applied healing, but magical healing grants bonus +1 bonus HP per die of healing.
  • The Maimed King prevents all plant growth and fertility of mundane or magical origin within a day's ride of himself.

Whenever a blow is struck against the Maimed King, roll1d6. Creatures striking the Maimed King bleed equal to the last damage they suffered this combat, if any.
1- The sky darkens beyond the dimness of dusk
2- The earth trembles as a young fawn
3- The grass and plants and trees for a hundred paces wither
4- A foul gangrenous reek fills the air for a hundred paces
5- The air is filled with screeching as every bird for half a mile takes flight
6- Everyone in the combat breaks out in a cold, feverish sweat

When the Maimed King dies, XP equal to what is required for them to reach their next level is collectively lost by the company, a loss shared in part by all who survive. Those affected may gain their Hit Die in permanent HP increase. The Maimed King dies at level 10 if they have nor perished before, deeding the remains of their ruined kingdom to the company before they do so.

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